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Peter Smolka was born in Vienna in 1966. Fascinated by the drawing art  of his father, who devoted himself to copying various subjects, Peter Smolka started drawing as a child and sold his first picture at the age of 13. In the course of his apprenticeship as a painter and decorator, the artist refined his handling of paint and brushes.

After a work-related creative break, joining the artist collective El-Kordy after the turn of the millennium laid the foundation for a new, intensive one

turning to painting. Inspired by the pictures and characteristic  figures of the pop art artist Keith Haring, the artist self-taught developed his unmistakable style, which gave him various exhibitions in the

At home and abroad, painting campaigns in public space and the design of a  artists' locale.


Peter was born in 1966 in Vienna. Fascinated by the drawings of his father he started  in early years drawing and sold his first painting when he was 13. During his apprenticeship as a house painter he refined the use of colors and brushes. anus a

work-related creative break he joined the artist group el-kordy and started to intensify  painting. Inspired by Keith Haring Peter developed a self-taught and very distinctive style which led to various domestic exhibitions as well as abroad. He joined several

art projects in public space and designed in an art pub.

“The art work of Keith Haring has given me the feeling of freedom and the impulse  to express myself according to my phantasy.”

Peter Smolka


"The paintings of Keith Haring have given me the freedom and the impulse to express myself in paintings according to my imagination."

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