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"Alexis Schobert mostly abstracts spaces in short series with a reduced choice of colors. In these mostly large-format works, three colors are often enough for him, sometimes  but also only shades of gray, which he applies in targeted color gradients, and then around them later scratched spontaneously with wild blows, creating an interplay between the vastness of the surface and the rough proximity of the dark structures.

Do we see here a metaphor for how we deal with our world? Or does Alexsis Schobert consciously remind the viewer of landscapes occupied by imaginary cranes or refined or monstrous urban forms? I don't think so, his works are too spontaneous for that - too emotional. But associations of realities arise in our heads and above all in our souls, sometimes attractive and sometimes strange - but so similar to our real world.

Alexis Schobert is a conveyer of feelings and creates images in us ranging from the cozy cave to the freezing emptiness, but always as we feel at the time looking at his art.

With his abstract works, Alexis Schobert gives us a little insight  into his soul and also into ours, if we get involved."


Herbert Weinmüller-Gaiger


Numerous exhibitions (group and individual exhibitions) and projects in the public space.

Alexis' works are privately owned, companies and works in the Museum Ilok/Croatia and Henan Art Museum/China.


German version follows.


Numerous exhibitions (group & solo exhibitions) and projects in public space.

Alexis' works are in private hands, companies and at Muzeum Ilok/Croatia and Henan Art Muzeum/China.

Alexis Schobert

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