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alexander janda alias alex stripes is a graphic artist and a member of the artist group el-kordy.


INFO about the art project R-STRIPES:


the art project R-STRIPES was started on July 1st, 2004 based on an idea of the musicologist dr. jon griebler  (2011) with alexander janda, who takes over the visual part. since then numerous campaigns and exhibitions have been held in Germany and abroad.


the basic idea of the art project starts from the line. in order to show this more clearly, it became wider, more colorful and, thanks to the shadow, more three-dimensional. it didn't take long before we had the idea of not just stripping paper and canvas, but also objects. but these should be used by the viewer, who is thus in the art project 

R STRIPES integrated. we collect people from all over the world who find joy in a peaceful project and take part just for fun. a photo document of the action is important for the art project!


the "R" of R-STRIPES does not stand for "red", but as it is actually pronounced in English, "are", ie "are" stripes. stripes that are to be understood symbolically. they are neither representational nor abstract.


The art project “R STRIPES” was founded on the 1st of July 2004, by Dr. Jon Griebler and Alexander Janda.

The task of this project is the metamorphosis of the unidimensional line, or stripe, in multidimensional  figurative or informal structures. dr Jon Griebler, a musicologist on the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz, Austria, died 2011.

Alexander Janda had 1975 – 1979 a substantiated education as a graphic  artist, which influences his artistic work to date.

In the years 1980 – 2004 appeared numerous public exhibitions, concerts, performances and music productions, partially conjointly and individually organized from both artists.

Photography and video-taping are also essential components of their work.

Alex Stripes

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