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Born in Vienna in 1957 - retired compulsory school teacher in the middle school - lives and works in Vienna and Gablitz. Employment with painting, drawing, writing and designing from natural materials since early youth.

Member of the artist group elkordy, member of crossart, member of the Vienna Travelgallery, member of Atelier19.

Publication of two books: "Goschat-Poems from Vienna Simmering" / "How and where does education happen" under the pseudonym "Pauline Schreder"


The artist loves the challenge of the subject, the material, and implements what interests her in different ways. This can result in an image, a humorous biting text or sometimes a miniature work of art on an Easter egg.


Solo exhibitions:

.) atelier elkordy, Vienna

.) Vienna Travel Gallery, Vienna

.) Art 2011 in Tribuswinkel Castle, Lower Austria

.) Albert's book storage, picture talks

.) Kurzentrum Traunstein, Lower Austria


Group exhibitions:

  • atelier elkordy, Vienna

  • Vienna Travel Gallery, Vienna

  • Kertes Gallery, Budapest

  • Old valve chamber, Vienna

  • Water Tower, Vienna

  • Design Tower, Vienna

  • Ragnarhof, Vienna

  • Klosterneuburg Abbey, nominated for the St. Leopold Peace Prize

  • Wilhelminenberg Palace, Vienna

  • old candy factory, Vienna

  • Mauerbach, Lower Austria

  • Spa center Baden, Lower Austria

  • Art Hotel Vienna

  • Lima, Peru

  • Trujillo, Peru


Public art: 

together with the artist group elkordy:

  • Park bench painting in Bruno-Kreisky Park

  • Park bench painting at Hietzinger Platz

  • Park bench painting in the Guldenpark

  • Painting of a pedestrian passageway of the ÖBB (Kefergasse) with fellow Croatian artists (“Dialogue”)

  • Painting of a demarcation wall of the ÖBB with fellow Egyptian artists (“colours of freedom”)


several readings & design presentations


Ulrike Greifeneder - a teacher at compulsory second stage - is living in Vienna and Gablitz near Vienna. From her earliest youth dealing with painting, drawing, writing and design made of natural materials.

Member of the artist group el-kordy Vienna, member of crossart Cologne Germany, member of the Vienna Travelgallery.


Numerous individual and group exhibitions, lectures of own opus, participation in art and crafts fairs, artistic designing of park benches in Vienna,  several artistic actions in public with the artist group el-kordy, nominee for the “Peace Award 2009” with a cooperation of the artist group el-kordy.

Ulrike Greifeneder

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